Text 27 Jun Big Ten Wrestling Championships

Forgot to post these back in March. The Big Ten Wrestling championships is a showcase for many of the best wrestlers in the country. It was great to be there to photograph the action. Some of my favorites from the finals. 


Text 11 Feb 12 notes Badgers vs Gophers, Wrestling

#4 Minnesota won 34-5 over #18 Wisconsin in a border battle at UW’s historic field house. Here a few select images from the match: 

Text 18 Jan 6 notes Another picture published

Varsity magazine has again used my photo of HWT Wisconsin Wrestler Connor Medbery in an article for its publication.

Full magazine here

Text 14 Dec 3 notes My photos in print

I’m pretty excited about my photos being in “Varsity”, UW-Madison’s online athletics magazine. Varsity did a feature on the HWT, Connor Medbery, and contacted me to see if I had any photos of him in action.

Here is the publication

Here are my photos they used in the feature article: 



Text 9 Dec 1 note Making a sports poster, version 2.0

Here’s another wrestling sports poster I just completed last night. This poster highlights the returning state qualifiers on the team and also pays homage to the seniors. 

I started out taking their picture in the wrestling room using a basic three light setup. Bare strobes back left and right and shoot through umbrella front: 

Choose your files and bring into PS: 

Cut out: 

Bring onto your canvas. Here I’ve already worked the background in and edited the photos for color and contrast. I’ve also put in the headline or theme of the poster. Headline was created using two layers, the bottom layer of text is blurred giving it the desired effect: 

I then brought in the remaining wrestlers and cut them out using layer masks and arranged them on one layer (note the athlete on the far left, I cut off too much of his body…this is the reason I use a layer mask…made for an easy fix): 

Change to B&W to de-emphasize:

Poster with Header and logo. I moved the “2012-2013” text to bottom: 

Final poster with schedule. Fade out bottom of athletes bodies, fade in their hair for a more natural look. 

Overall, I’m really pleased with this poster as well: 

Text 8 Dec 11 notes Badger Wrestling

A few select images from the Badger - Michigan State dual meet:

Shot with Canon 7D, 70-200 2.8L, 1/640th, f/2.8, ISO 2000

Text 29 Nov Creating a Sports Poster

I’m a an assistant H.S. wrestling coach and when the head coach asked me about creating a sports poster for the team I went looking online for some great designs. One that I really liked was by Matt Lange, who has a ton of really excellent sports posters, and I decided that I could pretty easily re-create and morph his design to fit our needs. 

I started out by taking photographs of the returning HS state wrestlers. I didn’t need a backdrop because I knew they would need to be cut out anyway. 

Cut out in PS…

Combine them in one document in Photoshop. After arranging them I merged them into one layer and did a few adjustments with brightness and color balance: 

Then I added the words on a separate layer on top of the black background. I also added contrast with a bit of burning and dodging on the wrestlers layer: 

I chose the Headline to read “Purpose” and put that in bight white. I faded out bottom part of the wrestlers layer and the background text layer with layer masks and added the red metal mesh(with added black gradient) behind the wrestlers and on top of the black background layer: 

I decided to change the headline text to make it pop a little more and added the title and logo below the wrestlers: 

Last thing to do is to add the schedule and run spell check and send your proof out for approval. Can’t wait to see these printed! 

Text 24 Nov 1 note Powder Photoshoot

Inpired by Don Horne, a South African photographer based in Dublin, Ireland. I set out to try my own Powder photo-shoot with the idea of incorporating fitness and dance inspired imagery. 

I’ll try to explain the setup and pass on knowledge gleaned from the experience. 

Preparation included buying flour, a broom, 2 broom pans (for throwing flour), plastic for covering most of the studio, and hiring two assistants & 3 models. 

Here is my studio with the plastic laid out. notice how there is some flooring not covered at the right  and bottom edges… I should have covered everything :)

I used a common 3 light set up on black. 2 Alien Bee 400’s at full power (1/2000th flash duration) at the back left and back right and one AB 800 in the front (over the camera) at full power (1/1200th flash duration).

Here a few of the resulting images: 




iPhone snapshot after

Cleanup was a mess. The flour floated all over the studio and literally covered everything I didn’t have covered with the plastic. The plastic worked really well but I should have used more of it. 

Sweep, vacuum, wash. Repeat as necessary. 

Took about 3 hours to clean up. 

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